Let's Build a Successful Foundation Together

Are you in the construction business?

Then we know that your needs are unique. The challenges you face differ from those of other small businesses. Your numbers need special consideration and when it comes to growth, it’s a whole different story.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could work with an accounting firm that really understood your business? That knew the ins and outs of the construction industry? Someone who could help you with accounting for contractors and construction bookkeeping services, but also with payroll, taxes, and more?

That’s exactly why many construction business owners turn to LeBlanc and Chandler. We’re experts in construction bookkeeping – we’ve worked with numerous contractors and construction businesses, so we understand your unique needs and can help you be financially prepared for anything your business throws at you.


We can deal with your assets,  invoicing, draws, allocations  reconciliations, budgets, reports, and all things accounting. 

Learn more about our accounting and payroll services here.



Tax preparation services and year-round tax planning to ensure that your payments are minimized.


Learn more about our tax services here.



We can help you plan for the future and make important business decisions based off your actual numbers.

We can help you analyze your profit margins and help you plan for future projects.



We understand industry needs such as WIPs, retainage, subcontractor tax issues, overhead allocations, and more.

We also support software options that will work with Quickbooks Online to bring you easy project management and job costing.

We know your industry.   Phil Chandler is not just a CPA and MBA, but he is also a civil engineer, general contractor and real estate developer.  In addition to his 15+ years in tax and accounting, he also has many years of experience in construction management and managed large commercial developments (such as shopping malls, walmarts and kmarts) as well residential construction projects all over the country.  Allison Chandler, accountant, has also been personally involved in residential real estate developments and has managed financial accounts for many different tradesmen including plumbers and general contractors for years.   

Reach out to work with your construction bookeeping experts today.

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