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Full Charge Bookkeeping


The Bookkeeping Process

Your bookkeeping process doesn’t need to be complicated. (*)

Here’s what it looks like to work with us – We’ll take care of your monthly bookkeeping and accounting* - things like tax returns, Quickbooks management, payroll and more – and provide detailed reports with your key data.  We take it one step further and ensure that you completely understand these reports, as well as all the data within.

Take a quick look at our process:

We’ll set you up in Quickbooks with a complete accounting file and ensure that you have access to all data 24/7.  On a regular basis, our bookkeepers will bring in your financial data and make sure each is classified correctly into your file. This ensures you have real data in real time.
We’ll ask that you send us your bills and invoices weekly, so we can make sure they’re correctly implemented into your file. You let us know which bills you want paid, how you want them paid, and when. The entire time you stay in control.
When a payroll cycle is up, your manager will enter in the numbers and let us know you’re ready for paychecks. We take it from there, making sure your employees get paid on time and that you always know your labor costs.
Each month we’ll create your management report that includes – profits and losses, balance sheets, statement of cash flows, accounts payable aging, monthly trends, and more. Nothing but in-depth reporting here.
And there’s more! Each year, we’ll take care of your W2’s, 1099’s, federal tax returns, state tax returns, state property tax returns, and annual corporate filing (*). You can also choose to consult with our CPA about growth strategy and tax planning.

It’s our goal to maximize your tax savings and plan for the growth of your business.

Our monthly packages include even more than what’s listed above – budget management, tax tips, business training videos, and the list goes on.

Let us simplify your bookkeeping process.

Interested? Let’s talk. We want to hear about your goals.



Wondering why our process works?

Simplified Collaboration
Our accounting and financial services give you the ability to collaborate with managers, partners, and other key staff.  Your financial data is just a click away at any time.
Leveraged Time
We guarantee that we’ll simplify your bookkeeping process. A simplified process equals more time and more time equals the ability to focus on growing your business.  How much is your time worth?
Secure Storage
Your data is secured in a protected cloud environment and backed-up in a second secure application. And we even do a third level of backup to our internal server. Your valuable data will never be lost.






LeBlanc & Chandler CPA can provide you with outstanding and easy bookkeeping process for you.

* Depending on package and services selected

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