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Full Charge Bookkeeping


Full Tax Services

Are taxes a burden for you and your business?

Do you scramble to get your taxes done when the time comes? Quickly trying to gather all of your data from the year and not even really know exactly what to do or what’s going to benefit your business?

This tactic doesn’t work for businesses. You have to plan in advance and prepare for tax season all year long if you want things done right.  And trust us, as a small business you want things done right.

You want to be able to take advantage of tax breaks for small businesses and ensure that you’re not overpaying or losing out on money.

And that’s not easy to do. You need a professional – someone who can plan for your taxes, prepare your tax return each year, and handle issues should there be any.   You need full tax services.  You need LeBlanc and Chandler.

We’ll ensure that all of your yearly data is accessible and organized, prepare your taxes and tax return when the time comes, and will always recommend tax savings strategies when applicable.
Having issues with the IRS?  We’ll take care of that, too.

You focus on your business. We’ll take care of the taxes.

What is it we can help you with?

If you need tax services, you know where to go!

LeBlanc & Chandler CPA can provide you with full tax services anywhere in the US.

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